I am sure you might already be asking if what your reading is true? Yes, this is my own personal blog. I like to think of it as a condensed diary, one in which I have tried to reveal as best I can some of my many varied experiences, adventures, passions and desires. Yes I am married and a working mother in her forties, leading until now a life of classic busy family bliss. But that hasn’t stopped me discovering some erotic fun and putting those adventures to paper while marrying it with some fabulous erotic imagery to help fuel my naughty vision.

For those who have seen my twitter I love photography, the mood, the instant appeal, the perfect captured moment and that has been something I would always love to share. Here through my blog too I can enjoy depicting beautiful erotic pictures which I hope many can enjoy. I hope not to shock in a negative way, that is not my intention although I do admit to enjoying some rather more explicit imagery, but only ever revealed in a beautiful feminine way.

Not everyone will find themselves in my situation but if nothing else it might bring a smile when you read of my fun little antics. It is a cliché to say, I know, but I am only here the once and want to enjoy all I can.

Please follow me on my journey and I will follow you.

Love Anna XXX

I have now started a blog at :-

keep it classy :)


keep it classy :)

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Take a moment to have a peek at my naughty site www.frolicme.com

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Redefining erotica for Women and Couples

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